THE LUXURIANCE - A Travelpreneur Lifestyle

THE LUXURIANCE - A Travelpreneur Lifestyle




An Independent Travel Agent & Travel Business Rep & founder of The Luxuriance at PlanNet Marketing - since June 2020.

I was intrigued by this home-based travel business as it was an ideal way of subsidising my income from the 9 - 5 whilst funding my love of luxury holidays, luxury hotels & spa & theatre breaks too!  I would be able to book all of these and more for myself and get paid the commission and this was a win for me.

I have since moved onto working the opportunity as the business that it is & this provides me with additional income streams & a lifestyle of more choice & travel opportunities; & the best part of all, is being able to help others to achieve the same!

Any business offering a decent financial return will require investment so I was not put off by the modest joining fee (considering ALL that you get!).

I'd done my research so had seen what other travel franchise opportunities were charging & knew that joining this opportunity was a no brainer... The monthly subscription totalled less than the cost of a takeaway coffee each morning on the way to work. If that was my monthly overhead for a turnkey business-in-a-box, I could definitely deal with that!

In a nutshell...

I am a travel business owner affiliated with a well established host travel agency


I have my own booking portal & personalised website access to the back office of over 80 preferred partners


I provide a bespoke travel concierge service


I talk to travel lovers about a way to SAVE on their travel bookings & EARN their own commissions; how to use their own booking system to do the same for their family & friends


& then I show them how to develop their business to create a RESIDUAL income stream that can pay them up to 7 times a month! 

If this sounds like an opportunity you can dig your teeth into

let's get to it!

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